Thursday 8 August 2019

“Peaceful” nature of Islam belied by inconvenient facts

Screenshot of today's Google Alert on "Islam"

I haven't written about Islam for a while, so here goes. 
I subscribe to Google Alert for "Islam" which tosses up a couple dozen articles a day. 
Above is a screenshot of today's Alert. Note this — right next to an article on the "peaceful nature" of Islam there's a story about a Somalian apostate from Islam who, it turns out, is in danger of his life (at the hands of his family) for leaving the religion. 
And then an article about the "true image" of Islam, which the article informs is is "peace and tolerance", right after which is one about forced conversions to Islam. 
What's going on here? Is it a case of you say potaito and I say potahto? Each to their view? One's terrorist is another's freedom fighter?
No, it is not. 
For the statements about the "peaceful" and "tolerant" nature of Islam are just that. Statements. They are ipse dixit statements. That is assertions, with no sound basis. Wishful thinking, if you like. Attempts to convince by repetition. (And hasn't "the religion of peace" become so repetitive that it's a joke, a mordant meme?). 
Whereas the apostate's punishment and the forced conversions are actual facts. Facts that belie the peaceful-tolerant assertions. These factual happenings are, moreover, supported and encouraged in the core tenets of Islam: the Koran, the Hadith and the Islamic sacred law of sharia. 
Apostates from Islam are to be killed. And non-believers in Islam are to be converted.