Sunday 4 August 2019

SCMP - It’s not only law and order, Hong Kong’s protest crisis is taking a tragic toll on basic humanity and decency

Two weeks in a row I'm agreeing with Yonden Lhatoo of the South China Morning Post. 
We've seen the police in action ourselves. And then watched hours of live streaming protests on local channels. The single greatest impression is how softly the police treat the demonstrators. So the hate the demonstrators have for the police is inexplicable. At least from logic. It's clearly not logic driving the hate, but emotion. Amplified by social media. 
Have a look at the horrible hateful Facebook post (in the article here) by an academic wishing death to the children of police. Death!
Now we've had our dealings with the police over the decades. They're fair, decent and hardworking people. Society would be unimaginable without them. Wassup, demonstrators??
Really the government has to get on the front door in social media. It's current efforts are non-existent to pathetic. 
The majority of Hong Kongers want something done to stop the insanity. 80+% by polls. So get on with it.