Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Pearl-clutching prorogue casuits (Brexit Bleatings)

Watching BBC parade of talking heads act shocked — shocked, I tell you — clutching their pearls… Boris has prorogued parliament, to give him a chance to push on with Brexit. How can he, they bleat! He's stopping debate on a Brexit Bill! He's hijacking democracy, goddamit! It's a dictatorship! 
What?! They've only been debating Brexit non-stop for three years! Everyone knows what everyone else thinks. It's up to the government now to deliver. And that's what Boris is intent on doing. 
Mind you, there are good arguments against governing by public referenda. But the point is, once you have had a referendum, misguided as it might be, you have an obligation to implement it. The Commons were determined to thwart this one. That was the betrayal of democracy. Not this proroguing. 
No.  Bugger them. Prorogue them to hell. 
By the way, what on God's good earth is the vile little Speaker, the egregious John Bercow, doing hammering the prorogue. Surely it's not his job?
On a better side: John Redwood, MP. Sound, logical. 
Watching with baited breath.