Friday 24 February 2012

Let's fight against anti-anti-Islam bias

In response to the silly "A group to counter anti-Islam sentiment": (email to David Lepeska):
“What’s worse than ignorance is misinformation, and that’s what I find Islamophobia normally falls under: It’s a process of miseducation,” said Mr. Rehab...
There are many people, myself included, who have studied Islam after 911, who are not at all “misinformed” or “miseducated”  I have come to a conclusion about Islam only after years of study.  I find it has many egregious aspects. I speak about those. That does not make me an Islamophobe.
Yet you give voice to the inanities of the likes of Mr Rehab who falsely and tendentiously claims that all of us who criticise Islam are misinformed or miseducated.  The fact that I find some aspects of the doctrines of Islam, after years of study, to be obnoxious and anti our democratic traditions, does not make me an ignorant Islamophobe. It makes me someone concerned to resist the supremacism of Islam.
Peter F
Hong Kong