Thursday 2 February 2012

"The Third Jihad": see it for yourself and make your own judgement

There's been a big hullaballoo about a new documentary called "The Third Jihad". The first two Jihads were: (1) the expansion, by military conquest, of Islam throughout North Africa, Southern and Eastern Europe in the centuries after the death of Muhammad.  And (2): the Ottoman Empire, which extended to Eastern Europe until defeated in WW1.  The "Third Jihad" the makers of the documentary take as being from the foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 to today.
Now the hullaballoo:  Mayor Bloomberg is denouncing the film, and the Council of American Islamic Relations, CAIR, itself a branch of the Brotherhood is calling for it to be banned [*]. Various groups have called it a hate-film.
You can see the doco here, to make up your own mind.
Clare Lopez, an ex CIA officer, speaks plainly and clearly about the film; she doesn't come across as a red-neck "Islamophobe" -- hear her on the vid below.  Note her statement that CAIR is the Hamas representative in the US, as proved by in US courts in the Holy Land Foundation trial of 2008. Hamas, in turn, is an arm of the Brotherhood, as stated in the opening paragraph of the Hamas Charter.


Should we deal with the Muslim Brotherhood?
There are some who say that since the Muslim Brotherhood is so anti-western and committed to bringing down the west, (in its own words,"eliminating and destroying western civilization from within...") that we should not deal with them.
But we knew that the Soviet  Union was also committed to destruction of the west, but had extensive dealings with them.  So, I think we should deal with the MB and its arms such as CAIR, and even Hamas.  Just that we should be very clear as to who they are, and what they want, not believe in fairy tales that they are, underneath it all, just would-be democrats and freedom-lovers at heart.  Nor should we allow members of outfits such as CAIR to work in government, certainly not in senior positions.

Is this film McCarthyist?
In a word, "NO", for the following reasons:  Communists were recognised as a danger to the US in the late 40s early 50s.  It was just that McCarthy didn't find many in government, or falsely accused people of being communist, so "McCarthyism" became a pejorative, and synonym for "witch hunt".
By contrast, members of CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood-related bodies, are not even recognised as a danger by the Obama Administration  (the FBI aside), and hence are allowed free and open access to government officials, and even brought in to government, with no concern as to what the ultimate aim of the MB is -- as clearly stated by the Brotherhood itself, as above. And yet they are many, as opposed to the McCarthy's elusive communists.

[*UPDATE, 11 Feb: CAIR's Crusade against The Third Jihad, Clifford May, 9th Feb.