Thursday, 16 February 2012

"The Glazov Gang -- See No Islam, Hear no Islam"

Follow up on the silencing of Eric Allan Bell at the Daily Kos, for voicing some truths about Islam, that the good folk at the Kos found too uncomfortable.  I counted here the number of times Kos Kommenters used simple ad hominem: "sockpuppet", "bigot", "troll", and the evergreen "Islamophobe".
The video below is fifteen minutes of analysis of how the Left shuts down discussion of Islam. As Bell points out the firestorm against him was virtually 100% of Kommenters.  I was shocked myself.  Not at the Kommenters being against what he said about Islam, but that not one of them -- well, save a single one called "Seashell3" -- took on Bell over the substance of what he said.  All they did was hurl names.  And got him banned from the site.  Bear in mind in all of this that what he said about Islam and Muhammad, were all based on authoritative Islamic sources: the Islamic Trilogy, of Koran, Hadith and Sirah. None was "out of context", or "cherry picked" or "mistranslated". 
Here's Jamie Glazov and the Gang: