Tuesday, 7 February 2012

"Ayaan Hirsi Ali:The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World"

At least 24 Coptic Christians were killed in Cairo during clashes
with the Egyptian Army on Oct. 9.
PF: this was when I was there...
Photo: Thomas Hartwell / Redux [Ref]
Wow, this is pretty rare: Ayann Hirsi Ali carried in Newsweek.  She's usually reviled by the Left.  Reviled, one must add, for doing nothing other than pointing out the dire situation of women in the Muslim world.  She was one who went through it herself, having been born and brought up in Somalia, underwent FGM, was married off to much older man, etc, etc, before she escaped to the West and became a powerful and sane voice in support of women. For that, western feminists revile her. We ought revile them.
Anyway, here she is in Newsweek: The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World
The comments on this are split between support and criticism. Unlike the Newsweek article by Christopher Dickey last week about Geert Wilders in which the commenters tore him apart.
H/t: "Daily Beast"