Thursday 9 February 2012

"Who defames the Prophet?" by Ahmd El Aswany

Courtesy Raymond Ibrahim, this article needs posting, as it's part of the small genre of Moderate Muslims criticising the thin skin of radical Muslims who get antsy at cartoons, books or movies, and respond with terrorism bombs and hate.
From Ibrahim's introduction:
The following op-ed, written by Ahmed El Aswany, appeared in the popular news website El Bashayer, December 22, 2011, following several lawsuits against Egypt's Christians, most notably billionaire Naguib Sawiris, for "defaming Islam." Hard-hitting and self-critical, it deals with an important question: Exactly who is it that defames Islam and its prophet Muhammad? Many in the Muslim world insist it is the West—whether through cartoons, books, or simply free speech. However, as El Aswany boldly argues, no one defames Islam as much as "we Muslims, for imposing a terrorist, hypocrite, and life-hating Islamic model that feeds on killing others in the name of jihad and fighting freedom of expression…" [Read more...]