Monday, 6 February 2012

China Veto "disgusting"

US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice: the US is "disgusted"
I'm often accused of being a China apologist, as I often post in support of the China view of life.  But it's hard if the Chinese leadership goes ahead and does something as dopey as veto the UN Security Council resolution which attempts to stop the bloodshed in Syria.  I know why they did: they're concerned it might set a "precendent" for "interference" in another country's "internal affairs" and they have a fear -- indeed a paranoia -- that they might be the target of similar action someday. But that doesn't really stand close scrutiny as it would be hard to imagine a scenario in which China would be attacked, on its mainland, by a coalition of the West.  And in the meantime they lose huge international support.  The only other country to veto was Russia and they have their own, even tawdrier, reason: they sell arms to Syria's Assad. Rotten.

The US Ambassador to the UN used almost unheard of, most undiplomatic, words: "The US is disgusted". And "any further bloodshed will be on their hands".

I'm afraid I agree with that, Oh China!
And that from one of your staunch supporters...