Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Meet Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson, GOP blogger
[Update 14 Feb: to prove Kevin Jackson's point that most people voted for Obama because he's black, his famous namesake, Samuel L. Jackson said exactly that, this week: "I voted for Obama because he's black"].

What caught my attention in Melissa Kite's article "Race Card" in the Spectator of 28 January was this para, about Kevin Jackson: 
‘The problem is the majority of the people who did vote for Obama were voting for him on one condition and that condition is he’s black and that is racism. My issues with Obama are that if you take colour off Obama’s resumé and look at his ability to run the country, there is no way he would have been elected. If Barack Obama were anything other than half black, if he were half Chinese or half Irish, there is no way on God’s earth that he would have got elected. He got elected based on colour and that is ridiculous.’
This was exactly what my wife, Mrs Battle, said at the time, as in exactly.  I pointed this out to her and she said: "not only would he not have won the presidency, I wouldn't have given him a job!".  Now, I confess she's a bit down on Obama and has been since day one, whereas I was rather taken by his style, his "Change" narrative and voted for him.  Well, I would have had I been American, which I'm not, I'm an Aussie living in Hong Kong, but you get what I mean. We all get caught up in the US Presidential elections, so every four years is fun, fun, fun, with not only that, but the Olympics as well. Yippie!
Well, like many who did vote for Obama, I've been somewhat disillusioned -- particularly in my case about his lack of soundness on Islam.  His speech to the Muslim world of June '10 was a shocker in my view.  Still, if we look past that he does have some solid achievements: more terrorists killed than W, including the big one OBL, a medical scheme that I don't understand, that seems to infuriate many on the Right, but from what I gather was the same as one being pushed only years ago by Republicans themselves; saving of the car industry (should it have been saved? Another time for that one), supporting a plan put in place by W, which probably helped to limit unemployment and add something to growth and now some good figures coming out on the economy.
Goodness, sounds like I'm an Obamaphile all over again. Well, I'd not like to be making the choice as to whom to vote for.  The opposition is going to be Romney.  Put aside his Mormon beliefs -- Obama has his own baggage there -- his flippy-floppyness, his hewing to the crazier seams in the GOP, none bode well.  And on Islam?  He's just a unsound as Obama.
Back to Jackson, two more observations of his I find interesting, and likely correct:
On the London Race riots:
He tells me that the riots in England were down to a ‘cancerous’ ideology that teaches people to be victims. ‘Essentially the riots were just a reason for people who are too lazy to have accomplished something for themselves to have an excuse to take from somebody else. Those guys believe that something is owing to them. They have been taught this by the left.’
Jackson doesn’t believe excuses should be made for anyone who destroys their own neighbourhood, black or white.
On Islam:

Don’t even get him started on the issue of Islamisation. ‘They call it Londonistan, right? It’s crazy. You suffer from what I term battered woman syndrome. You have submitted to their culture. You guys are on a precipice. You may have tipped the scales too far already. It may be difficult to get the genie back in the bottle. There is going to be hell to pay and the liberals don’t get it. Ironically, we on the right could probably live with their Islamic laws a lot easier than the liberals.’ He’s laughing so I assume he’s joking. But I tell him to be careful when he’s talking about Islam on this side of the pond.
‘Oh, let them come and get me. I get death threats but I’m not running. I tell it like it is. And the Brits better get more William Wallaces because all your cordiality is going to land you in trouble.’