Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Repeating mistakes of the past...

“Christians and Jews had full religious freedom. They built churches and synagogues…”
Prentice Hall, World Explorer,
- -  Medieval Times to Today, 2003, pp. 81 – 82

Contrary to the historically false claim that Christians and Jews conquered by Muslim armies had “full religious freedom,” one Muslim historian estimated that as many as 30,000 churches in the Middle East were destroyed by Muslim invaders during the first few centuries of jihad. [ACT for America] 
There's been something of the same trend in Australia  of whitewashing elements of Islamic history.  History, note, which comes from Muslim sources, such as the Sirah, the life of Muhammad, which recounts in detail his military exploits and commandments to "subjugate" the infidels and their places of worship.  For what's happening in the US, read ACT's report "Education or Indoctrination", for which the above quote is an introduction.