Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Amnesty International is clueless

Letter to BBC:
Amnesty International calls on western media et al to stop “stereotyping” Muslims.

But shouldn't the first people called on to do this be the leaders and spokesmen (always men) of Islam. They are the ones saying “Freedom go to Hell”, calling on Muslims to “Behead those who insult Islam”, to claim that “Islam shall rule the world”, to live separately — by their own desire --  and have nothing to do with the Infidels, etcetera, etcetera.... All these are regular fare in the media.

These may (or may not) represent the majority of Muslims. But they’re the ones we hear about. What?... are we supposed to ignore them?  (but.. but... wouldn’t ignoring them be “Islamophobic”?..)

Then, when we read the Koran and Hadith,  we learn that these spokesmen are simply representing their religion as it’s written. As it’s practiced in Islamic countries, like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

One expects — or is not surprised by — this sort of nonsense from Amnesty International, a once proud and laudable organisation, but now hopelessly compromised by various agenda.

But the BBC?  To be report such a farrago of nonsense?  As if it were in any way fair comment on the place of Muslims and Islam in the west?

Shame on you.

Peter F

PS: we are constantly told by Muslims and their apologists that we should learn more about Islam, to overcome “misunderstanding” and “ignorance”.  But it’s through the very learning about Islam that so many people in the west have come to understand Islam and just what a baleful and egregious religion it is (I’m sorry, but it is...).  Read the Koran.  Read the Hadith. And then try to say “Islam is a religion of peace”, without your fingers crossed behind your back..... As Sam Harris has said: “To say that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ is to be deluded”.