Monday 21 February 2011

"Eminent cleric", Qaradawi. Riiight...

The "influential cleric".  As influential
as Vlad the Impaler?
Just a quick post before jumping on a plane, so no time for links, but just to note that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called back into town their spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who gave the sermon in Tahrir square last Friday. This guy is held up as a "moderate" in much of mainstream reporting.  Most of the mainstream press has chosen to go with the BBC moniker for him: "influential cleric".
In fact he is, in his own words: a murderous anti-Semite, Holocaust and Hitler supporter (his only criticism of Adolf being that he didn't "finish the job"), homophobic (gays should be killed), misogynist (unruly women can be beaten -- but only "lightly", so that makes him moderate, I guess), anti the West (Europe will be overtaken by Islam by Da'wa and "Financial Jihad" -- Islamic finance to the bankers, a topic I've written about at length elsewhere), and so it goes on.  All of this is well-documented and undisputed.  But it is all ignored by the Mainstream media, who prefer to see him as a "moderate Muslim" and now that he's returned to Egypt, they call him the "influential cleric".
Right, like Vlad the Impaler was influential too.
What else not reported in Mainstream Media: that at the Friday Sermon he called for the overrunning of Israel, when he could give the Friday prayer at the Al-Aqsa mosque.