Monday 9 December 2019

About half Hongkongers think like this... the silent very-large-minority

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ADDED: Figures from the recent District Council (DC) Elections: 71% of the electorate voted = 2.9 million voted, out of electorate of 4.1million.  45% voted for non-Pan-Dems, that is, for pro-government or independents. A further 1.2 million didn’t vote, and there’s anecdotal evidence that many people were put off voting because of fears of retribution -- doxxing, having businesses targeted, even beaten, or set on fire. And that fear went only one way: pro-government folks were in fear of the pro-protesters.  Not the other way around.
So if there is any bias, it would be that the elections may have undercounted the pro-government or pro-independent vote.  I voted Independent, because that was the only one challenging the Civic Party, which is deeply implicated in the protests. I would have voted for anyone anti the Civic Party candidate.
The anti-government forces won 17 out of 18 DC seats, because of the first-past-the-post system.  Whether that is a “landslide” is for you to interpret, given the vote was 55/45.  Of course many / most in the media do call it a “landslide”.
In any case, we can safely infer that half or very nearly half of the population is not in favour of constant demos and trashing our city.
If we aren’t the silent majority, we are the silent very-large-minority.

ADDED: Waiting for a Beijing olive branch....  Wishful thinking. The [District Council] vote shattered government claims that a "silent majority" opposed the protests.
Not really “shattered” if you take my points above...