Tuesday, 3 December 2019

“Voices of Hong Kong”

David O’Bottomley, producer of Channel News Asia’s “Voices of Hong Kong”, says it was easy to find pro-protesters to talk, but harder to find pro-government, or anti-violence people to talk. Asked why, he said “ I’m not really sure”.
Well he’s not paying attention.
Just last Sunday we had the latest example of what happens to people that don’t support the protests: smashed in the head with a metal drain cover; “enemies” restaurants trashed. Others have been killed or burnt alive, or doxxed, labelled as “enemies”.  You don’t have to be pro-government. Just anti-violence.
I’d say that’s pretty much why many people won’t speak against violent vandalism. Simple, understandable, fear.
“Voices of Hong Kong” is on CNA.
I’ll find out where and post it. (Haven’t seen it yet, just the interview with the producer).

ADDED: ok I found it and it’s actually pretty good. I watched it on an iPad which is fine. Not sure how it would work in a phone. It’s not a video but an interactive infographic. Here it is.
One quick take-away: back in June no-one expected what was to come.
Another quick take-away: most of the “voices” think the storming of LegCo was a critical watershed and most think it was a bad on at that, because it let the hot-heads take charge. To remind: the police were not there at the storming. The rioters had their way. Many residents then called for the police to get tougher. I remember all that. The police did not start out as some sort of brutal force. Anyway, take your time there’s quite a bit there.