Sunday 1 December 2019

The five main reasons people continue to deny climate change

Temperature variations from normal, average TFY.  Source
This is a useful article. And summary of where the sides stand. 
I’m on the side that says, yes, climate change is big problem and therefore we should throw everything at it — including nuclear electricity and manufactured meat.
A few points:
a.  If we’d started building nuclear plants twenty years ago — instead of halting building because of alarmism stirred up by the Greens — we’d now have carbon-free electricity. Right Now. World wide.
b. Manufactured Meat: If we invested more money than the pitiful $25 million (IIRC) into the manufacturing of meat, rather than growing cattle, we’d be able to cut back the 25% of warming emissions that come from the livestock industries.
c. Considering economic costs vs likely climate change costs is neither silly, useless nor ”climate denial”. It’s necessary for any reasonable society to do.
But none of these issues figures in the Green New Deal, or Paris Accord. Or in the forthcoming Spain Conference, I’ll wager. Or in the article linked above. They are critical but ignored.
I don’t get it …
Rewatching Chernobyl last night. Great show. A nuke accident is sure freaky, scary and lethal. But I watched Titanic and still managed to go a’sailin’ after it.
The Chernobyl-type plant problems were rectified, even in a corrupt Soviet Union.
Bill Gates has a shovel-ready, melt-down-free, waste-fuel-consuming, generation 4 nuclear technology (TerraPower) ready to go. But he gets no attention, because of Fukushima. That makes no sense given the crisis we’re facing.

ADDED: I forgot. China. It is meeting Paris Accord goals. But remains the major carbon dioxide emitted in the world. Governments must press China to ramp up its goals. Otherwise there’s no way to meet targets, no matter what the ROW does.