Friday 20 December 2019

What to make of the impeachment process?

First the Dems were like “rush, rush, rush”. And now they’re like  “slow, slow, slow”.
Nancy says they’re delaying passing the impeachment bills to the Senate because... well... because.  And the Reps are mocking them. Memes of the “Blazing Saddles”’scene where the guy holds a gun to his own head and says “I’ll pull trigger if you don’t do what I say”.
It’s hard to avoid the impression that the Dems are in a jam. A tweet suggests “it’s like the unwanted abortion... you were supposed to pull out, but...”. Do the Dems wish they’d not got here? Do they wish they’d pulled out and gone “censure” route instead?
Or is the feeling of having impeached, just the great feeling, making Trump, Orange Man, feel bad, enough payoff?
Strikes me the Reps have the upper hand in this tussle so far. Trump’s support is up.