Tuesday 24 December 2019

Albanese attacks Coalition’s nuclear ‘fantasy’ as Greens say report should ‘alarm all Australians’

"This is absurd at best and dangerous at worst," [Senator Hanson-Young] said in a statement.

The above statement from the Greens Senator is itself "absurd at best and dangerous at worst". 

Absurd because nuclear technology is safe, cheap and reliable.  Not knowing that is absurd. Knowing that but ignoring it is lying. 
Dangerous because it will delay the move out of polluting coal, which claims lives every year through its air borne particulates and which contributes to global warming, dangerous to the whole of humanity and the earth's bio-system. 
I've written before how the "Greens have ruined the world". There is no let up to their obdurate ignorance which keeps trashing it. 

As for Albanese's comment, nuclear power for Australia is only a 'fantasy' because people like him have no imagination.  (With the Greens it's more a matter of wilful ignorance).

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