Sunday, 8 December 2019

The government can’t do nothing

All along the government has said that it needed peaceful streets before it could discuss demands.
We’ve had peace these last few weeks, if a touch brittle. Like an uneasy cease fire. And right now, this evening, there’s another major demo in Central — fully approved — peaceful so far.
But I just don’t get the feeling that the government is ready to start any meaningful talks. Or indeed any talks at all. We’d have had some hint of them by now. Some idea of what agenda they’d be proposing. But nothing.
I have a gut feeling the government would like to have everything calm down, just from exhaustion if nothing else, and then to just carry on. As if the last six months hadn’t happened.
That is not going to work.
The government must, it simply must, come up with something. Or more insanity on our streets.
So now I too am part of the “must brigade”.
ADDED (10 Dec): Carrie Lam presser just now: she gives nothing. Nothing at all.  Just says “we must follow the rule of law”. Granted. But.... no hope, nothing.....
ADDED: and hard to predict the outcome of the protests. Gary Cheung, 9/12/19.