Sunday, 15 August 2010

Greek Orthodox stymied, while mosque greenlighted

Wow, this snippet about the Ground Zero mosque controversy.  A Greek Orthodox church that was buried on 911 has not managed to get permission to RE-build.  Meantime of course, a new mosque has got presidential and mayoral attention and is given green light.  As the lady says "where are our priorities?"

Deborah Norville [a former co-anchor of NBC's Today]: "... A Greek Orthodox church. That church has run into every conceivable impediment. And in nine years that this church, this place of worship has not been able to get the port authority and other agencies to get them the green light to rebuild. And, yet, a mosque, with no presence in the area, has been given the green light by getting the landmark status of this building rejected, a lot of people look at that and go, where are our priorities?"