Thursday, 1 November 2018

“Australians Must Reject a Nationalist Push Into Our Universities” | NYT

Visigoths attack Rome

Sydney University Lecturer David Brophy is upset that a conservative body wants to donate money to his university.  To fund "Western Civilisation" courses.  Horror!
He concludes his piece:

For universities to fulfill the critical role they were designed for, it's essential that they not simply serve as conduits for the viewpoints espoused by the loudest or wealthiest voices in the wider society. The values of pluralism and diversity that all Australian universities profess to represent shouldn't be reduced to mere advertising slogans — they're prerequisites for the participatory intellectual climate in which scholarly work thrives. It's time for our universities to live up to these promises and to reject Ramsay. [my emphases].
So, let me get this straight. To increase diversity one must reduce diversity. 
("... reject Ramsay")*
Rewriting his first sentence above, I could say this: 
".. it's essential that universities not simply serve as conduits for viewpoints espoused by the loudest and most numerous voices in the university". 
For consider: 85% of academics in the Australian academy are left of centre. Conservatives are a threatened species despite being about half of the wider community.
Yet Brophy and his ilk want to shut down even that minority voice?!  
They want it banned from the academy specifically because it does not comport with their fine leftist sensibilities. 
Brophy says this explicitly, so I'm not reading his mind. Just as SydneyU tried recently to ban the thoughts of feminist icon Bettina Arndt because they disagreed with her views. 
Shame on Lecturer Brophy and his supporters and shame on the New York Times for its ongoing shift to the Ctrl+Left. 

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ADDED: note the ""Must" in the headline. Always the way with the controlling left. People "must" kneel before their betters. 

*"Reject Ramsey", Bringing to mind, of course, the famous scene in The Life of Brian.... "release Roger", pronounced by by Biggus Dikkus as "welease wodger"...

The article ($):
"Politicians and activists are shaping nationalist sentiment into pride in artificial and ahistoric notions of civilisation"Read More...