Friday, 30 November 2018

The Left and the Right are agreed ...

Occasionally even duplicitous Hill is right

.... they all hate Hillary!
Well, at least for her recent immigrant comments. Comments that Europe must control its immigration to stop rightwing populists.
Here's how it goes:
  • The Left: How dare you, Hillary? You're throwing deserving immigrants, refugees and others, under the bus to appease the "far right".
  • The Right: How dare you, Hillary? Suggesting that it's only the immigration issue that brought us these victories, from Brexit to Trump. It's more that that; we're a broader church.
Fair enough.
But I think this is all because people just don't like Hillary.  Even the Left.  Though some adore her.  But many to most don't.  And I certainly don't like her, even if I would have voted for her, were I American, largely because of her mishandling and lying about the Benghazi attacks.
And of course the Right hates her.
But it happens that she's finally said something right, just like the stopped clock that tells the correct time twice a day.
Occasionally, the Hill tells the truth....