Thursday, 22 November 2018

“USS Ronald Reagan visits Hong Kong as China offers olive branch” | SCMP

Now this is pretty zippy!
The aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan pulls into Hong Kong. We will pass by it this afternoon on the ferry to Central. 
This just after recent joint US-China drills in Shanghai to handle international natural disasters. 
What's China up to? Simple sucking up to Trump before their meeting in Argentina on December 1?? Or something deeper? 
There are all sorts of wild theories in the comments to this story below, which, as usual, are a mixed bag of violent anti-US vitriol and outright ignorance. And, of course, "the Wanchai bar girls will be happy."  (as indeed they will...). 
The print version has a nicer picture of the Ronald Reagan passing by Lamma island just south of Hong Kong, and where we are often found cruising or racing yachts.  
I don't know why the press insists on having very different pages print vs online. I don't get that. 
More pics in the online story below including of senior Chinese naval officers onboard the carrier. (But not of passing Lamma, grrr). 
USS Ronald Reagan visits Hong Kong as China offers olive branch