Friday, 2 November 2018

"Lawdy! Mr Trump's rhetoric makes me faint!"

But to Dems if Republicans reply like this it's "Whatboutism", e.g. courtesy of the crazy Krugman.  (He's a Nobel laureate, but then again so was Yasser Arafat….)
Whaboutism is a more common or garden way of saying the "tu quoque" fallacy. That when you criticise someone for being a murderer, the tu quoque person will say "oh yeah, well you're a pickpocket".  You can see how the lesser crime, while still a crime, doesn't mitigate the greater crime. 
But it — whataboutery, tu quoque — is valid when the two crimes are about the same.  So, one hammering the other is hypocritical.  And that's just calling it out, like the cartoon above.  The Dems are out and out hypocritical to carry on about T's rhetoric.  The cartoon even missed out some key Dem crimes, like the Rep senators nearly killed in a mass shooting last year, because a Dem shooter worried about Health care, which Bernie Sanders had been banging on about.
Ben Shapiro says neither side should be blamed for violence done by mad people.  And that both sided need to ratchet down the rhetoric.