Monday, 12 November 2018

Greenies are responsible for the deaths in California wildfires

Greenies, take a bow

These wildfires in California are the fault of the Greenies. It was Greenies who demanded the "wilding" of California forests. Leaving them natural, with no cutbacks and no clearing. That's kind of fine, but the killer is that they also opposed the occasional natural fires that would have burnt out underbrush. Natural fires were suppressed.
Result: a huge build up of flammable materials.
So that when the weather turned hot and dry and some idiot tossed out a cigarette butt the result is our current fiery hell.
The Greenies bear responsibility for this. Not Republicans, not Democrats, but Greenies. They pushed and pushed and got local authorities to serve their bidding.
They bear responsibility. The Greens.
Just as the Greens bear responsibility for our high carbon dioxide levels (with their anti-nuke policies) and for the war in Iraq and subsequent Mid-east chaos (with Nader's ill-advised run in 2000).
Sure they meant well. So what? The road to hell is surely paved with good intentions. And our road to today's fiery hell is paved with greenies' wilding intentions.
I used to be a greenie. I was an early member of the Australian Conservation Foundation, back in the 1970s.
Now I'm ashamed of that.
Ashamed that I bought into such a well-meaning but destructive ideology. Ashamed that I bought into the naivety and harmfulness of it all.
For all they mean well, the Greens have consistently harmed our planet.
And killed people.