Monday, 26 November 2018

“The Woman Who Still Finds Louis C.K. Lovable” | NYT

Blanche Gardin at the Cesar Awards, Paris, 3/18.
Wearing Louis C.K.Pin
Some sense and sanity amongst the madness of #MeToo (some madness. Just some. Hand on heart, it's a needed movement. Really!). 
Blanche Gardin comedian from France:
Ms. Gardin defended Louis C.K. after his fall from grace. "Obviously, people need to speak up. Women should feel free to make denunciations," she told the magazine Télérama. "But the fact that we put a producer who rapes actresses in the same bag as a guy whose fetish is to masturbate in front of women, after asking if he can do it, means our modern society has a big problem with nuance."
She argued that it's hypocritical to shun Louis C.K. His humor, she noted, "explored his dark side, his perversions, and deciphered the darkness of the human soul." 
"People loved him for that," she said, "because it made them feel better about their own dark sides."