Thursday 18 August 2022

Be Better, Bill

Bill Gates talks to Fareed Zaharia, New York, May 2022
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From around 25’ Bill Gates says that “we didn’t know the coronavirus fatality rate was fairly low (like the flu) and that it mainly affected the elderly”. Whaaat?!  Saying this about I’d 2020??

We knew right here in Hong Kong in early January 2020 that it mainly affected the elderly and that the overall death rate was quite low. How could Gates, with his mega billion sized Foundation not know? Either a lie or incompetence.

Earlier Gates gives cover to China on the source of the virus and in its own duplicity. He claims, without evidence, that the zoonotic source theory is “by far the most likely”. It is not. The evidence, circumstantial as it is, leans to Lab Leak theory. This is sad, from a man who has done huge amounts to help humankind. 

You’ve been so good Bill. Be better on the pandemic. Your new book is not it (review coming).