Sunday 14 August 2022

US: Immigration at the Southern Border

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If you know little or nothing about what’s happening on the US-Mexico border, the above talk, Ed Calderon with Adam Carolla fills in the blanks. It’s crazy. And so different from the line the Democrats were running just a decade or so ago: which was that America needed to control illegal immigration because it caused harm to working class people in America. Now, it’s pretty much open borders. And there’s much harm from that policy.

Adam makes a good point: everyone agrees that we must control airports, to filter out the small number of potential terrorists. But on the land border, it’s anything goes, when the number, not just of terrorists, but of drug-smugglers and people-traffickers is way higher than the number of criminals at any airport.

From the intro:

Adam welcomes back security consultant, safety instructor and expert on all things Mexico, Ed Calderon.

Ed talks about seeing Biden flags at migrant camps, how the media pushed a false narrative about Border Patrol whipping migrants, why developments in human trafficking should be sounding alarm bells right now, the culture shock of coming to the US as an immigrant, his time as a cop in Tijuana, how the US is awarding weakness, and the current states of the border and the cartel. Adam and Ed look at the media coverage of a recent Indiana mall shooting where a 22-year-old bystander with a concealed carry weapon brought down the shooter.