Friday 12 August 2022

What I don’t get about the FBI raid on Casa Trump, looking for documents

"Trump Has FBI RAT In His Orbit
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According  to Saager and Krystal the FBI were after specific classified documents that an informant told them were in the Trump Florida house Mar-a-Lago. (note the comments at the vid, btw. They’re solidly critical of Krystal’s take).

It seems to me there are three possible reasons the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago looking for specific documents:

  • First: the documents are highly classified, and Trump should not have them according the Presidential Documents Act
  • Second: the documents implicate Trump in some criminal way
  • Third: the documents implicate other people in some criminal way

On the first issue, fine, that’s a crime that used to be a misdemeanour, but is now a felony, ironically courtesy of Trump himself having made it so during his presidency. He did it because Hillary had taken home some 30,000 State Department documents on her home server. 

This is a crime, surely, but worth a dawn raid? By a posse of Feds? A subpoena, first, surely. Also: classified documents degrade in classification really quickly. A “Secret” document today is merely “Restricted” tomorrow and “Unclassified” the next day. Could Trump really be holding documents that are of national security interest today, nearly two years after he left? I doubt it and don’t get it. 

On the second issue: Documents implicate Trump in some way. But why would Trump keep documents that implicate himself  in some criminal way? Why wouldn’t he have destroyed them? According to some Dem reports Trump had flushed documents down the toilet (never heard of shredders Don?). So why hold on to others, presumably even more damaging to him? I don’t get it. 

On the third issue: Documents implicate other people. Fine and good, and we’ll find out. But if that’s the case, the person or persons implicated are bound to be Democrats, and is that something the FBI would want to do? Surely not, given the clear pro-Dem bias of the FBI. I don’t get it.

All up, I don’t get it. 

Also: why are we still acting as if there are documents without copies. We’re past those days. Every document has a double, a treble, a multiple, somewhere. Hunter Biden’s laptop was verified because every email he sent had recipients with the exact same email. 

Awaiting developments with interest, with the rest of the political nerds in the world!

UPDATE: The FBI were looking for Nuclear Weapons-related documents! So says the Washington Post. What on earth is Trump doing with those, if that’s true. Curiouser and curiouser. Or maybe just spin?? “Two unnamed sources”…. And of course next: “Trump planned to sell nuclear secrets to Russia!”