Friday 5 August 2022

“Drills tear up military rule book”

Elsewhere we learn that the China Twitterati — online ultra-nationalists — are upset that it’s only live fire excercises. They were urging the PLA to shoot down Pelosi’s jet and invading Taiwan. For goodness sake!!  They are seething mad. “Mad” in both senses: crazy and angry. That’s down to the Beijing regime, of course. They nurture these murderous pink-red fascist warriors. 

I think Pelosi’s trip was ill-conceived, mainly coz she did nothing. Maybe if she’d signed a deal for some more defensive missiles, or something. But to go over only to bloviate? Silly, stupid. Taiwan is left to pick up the pieces. Still, once her plan to visit Taiwan was leaked, she could hardly cave in to China pressure. 

ADDED: Turns out that just as Pelosi is whispering her support for the democracy of Taiwan, the Biden administration has just blocked a major package of military aid to the island. Nancy’s mouth is writing cheques her own administration won’t cash. America’s bouncing cheques.