Saturday 27 August 2022

Here we go again | Snooker | Blind Side

Here we go again: tougher Covid curbs (coz it’s an ongoing “Crisis”):

Hong Kong is now sui generis. There’s a nice phrase. We are “unique”. But not in a good way. And not 100% true, for there’s our dear motherland, even stricter on the whole Covid thing. But China aside, Hong Kong is the only place in the world still with the restrictions we have and about to get tougher; see above. Our Secretary for Health Lo Chung-mau announces himself “glad that we are different from other countries”. Why? We haven’t done particularly better despite all the restrictions. For example, from the comments:

[Since] Feb 2021, HK has had 1258 deaths per million, whilst the UK and Singapore have had 846 and 263 respectively, and are both fully open for business and travel. The US is the only developed country which had a death per million higher rate than Hong Kong.  [I’ve checked the figures and they’re correct)

Yet Lo smears the west: "Lo also made clear the government would not adopt Western-style Covid-19 policies or “lie flat”, a term meaning doing the bare minimum to get by.” The west is not “lying flat”. It’s just that it’s getting on with getting on. And it’s not just the west doing that. It’s every other country in Asia (China aside, o/c).

Snooker in Hong Kong:

There’s another story in today’s SCMP on the back page about the Snooker Masters tournament planned here in Hong Kong in October. But it will be the  so-called “closed loop” system — players will have to be bussed between the snooker hall and their hotel. Not allowed outside. The audience limited. Still, I’m considering going. All the greats are there: World Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Selby, Judd Trump, Aussie Neil Robertson, John Higgins plus our local Wonder Woman, a women’s world champ, Ng On Yee. Tickets starting at just $15. It’s an interesting format, with Ng in the mix. There’s a chart of the set up at the link above. 

If I sound like I know something about snooker, it’s because I do. I followed the recent World Championship series with “Rocket” Ronnie’s wonderful win. Snooker is very watchable. Relaxing and exciting at the same time. Great TV. I watch it a lot. Good escape from current events. 

“Bludging on the Blind Side”:

Talking of sports, I’m listening [11:00 - 13:00 AEST] to Roy and H.G. on their “Bludging on the Blind Side” weekly on Australia’s ABC 666. All sports, but focus on rugby league (the “blind side” is a give away). Their greeting is “Happy rugby league”. They’re long-time comedians — sui generis! — famous for their commentary at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Go on, google it. Especially their commentary of gymnastics and weightlifting. Laugh-out-loud 😆. “Bludging” is replayed as a podcast (beware tho, it’s very aussie-centric)