Sunday 7 August 2022

“PLA Warships and jets push deeper”

The exercises finish tomorrow. 

That pic is of a Chinese marine monitoring a Taiwanese warship. 

I think fair to say the Pelosi visit achieved exactly zero, or minus zero. It would have helped if she’d pulled out of her bag an agreement to sell defensive missiles. But Congress just did the opposite: voted down a $280 billion military package.  WTF??

This all feels pretty damn close, to us here in HK. We’ve had sailing races to Kaohsiung in south Taiwan. Have been there many times. The people there, FWIW, are some of the friendliest folk in the world. How they’d handle invasion, who knows? 

But they do need to be like a porcupine. Prickly with missiles.

A lesson from Ukraine. If a big and powerful country is monstering a smaller neighbour, threatens to attack, give them defensive military gear before, they’re attacked. Don’t wait till they are attacked. Make Taiwan a porcupine.