Sunday 14 August 2022

“Why Hong Kong should care that its global reputation is suffering over strict pandemic policies”

Well said, Peter Cookson Smith, today’s featured letter, SCMP
Elsewhere Cliff Buddle notes that it’s Hong Kong that’s “living with Covid” not the European countries. Because with us it’s everyday, everywhere, restrictions; the South China Morning Post itself labels all articles about Covid “Coronavirus Crisis”, like on today’s front page, whereas in Europe and Britain no one even talks about covid anymore. Hong Kong officials live in fear of Beijing and so keep telling us they are not “lying flat” (Tang Ping) doing nothing — a dire crime according to Beijing. But getting to Zero Restrictions is not “doing nothing”. It’s having the guts to let “Hong Kong people rule Hong Kong”, as per the One Country Two Systems formula. Come on John Lee, show some balls!

My comment at the siteExactly! Well said, Peter Cookson Smith!  Here is some more data (the "Science"!): HK began latest round of restrictions on January 6. The peak of Wave 5 was on March 3, *two months later*. Hardly suggests that restrictions stop or reduce the spread of of a virus with a 3-5 day incubation period, does it??!