Tuesday 30 August 2022

“Why feel ‘glad’ over mediocre Covid outcome?” | My letter published


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Whistling in the wind?  My letter published, here and above.

Our Chief Exec. John Lee, has been trying to balance opening the border with China and opening the international border. The former can’t be done now. We have to admit that. Back in 2021 we had many months of zero Covid cases and still Beijing, or the local Guangdong authorities, wouldn’t open. So let’s do what we can. Open to the rest of the world.

Elsewhere in the paper today David Dodwell points out the self-harm we’ve inflicted.  Figures are truly startling: half a million passengers in the first five months of this year vs 32 million in the same period of 2019. 2022 barely 1.5% of 2019, which was  normal then. That’s just not sustainable for a so-called international city. Our previous motto “Asia’s World City” is just a joke now.