Wednesday 31 August 2022

Massive youth unemployment in China

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Youth unemployment 20%. Coz Covid. Specifically, coz Zero Covid policy. Pre-Covid was minimal. ADDED: Zero Covid takes big toll on youth mental health.

Today authorities have once again completely locked down Shenzhen, which is our next door neighbour right across the border. Restaurants, subways, schools, factories, markets, all closed. Coz of some sub variants of  Omicron. Believing that doing anything other than draconian measures is to ‘lie flat”, a big no-no, and criticising the west for “lying flat”. Not acknowledging that the incoming tide can’t be stopped. And crushing the hopes of youth.

Qian Lan, a recent grad:

“My three years in college was shadowed by Covid. And Covid destroyed my job” *

The above is a frank report that would not be allowed on the mainland. Where I’m reading elsewhere that anything to do with environmentalism and climate policy is banned.  

* TBF, there are many in the west and elsewhere in Asia who could say the same thing. Though I did see some figures recently that youth unemployment was higher in China than elsewhere. 

ADDED: This is a real horror story. Step by step. What happens when you go to Covid-obsessed China. Read it and weep. Or read it and be thankful you don’t have to go to China! and you live somewhere sane!