Thursday, 25 August 2022

Media Bias Chart

Click to enlarge and clarify. From here.

The Media Bias Chart is by Vanessa Otero, founder of Ad Fontes Media. It’s for the US only. 

It’s pretty interesting. I don’t find it all bad, though of course you can always quibble, or argue vehemently, that this or that media outlet is in the wrong spot. But overall, as a heterodox middle of the roader, a liberal conservative, or conservative liberal, it strikes me as not too bad.

Note Fox News -- which the Left loves to hate-- is situated up there, skewing Right, but still in the business of “Mostly analysis or mix of fact and reporting and analysis”, which is much fairer than the usual contumely. 

I would not include AP and Reuters in the “Fact Reporting”, without noting -- as the chart can’t TBF -- that they show bias not from what they do report as “fact”, but what they choose not to report. Eg: the Hunter Biden Laptop story, where the choice not to report is itself bias. 

Still, a useful chart.