Monday, 29 August 2022

“ How Hong Kong can roll back Covid-19 restrictions to save the economy”

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Mike Rowse speaks sense:
In the 11th century, the story goes, King Canute of England, Denmark and Norway took his courtiers to the beach to show them the tide could not be stopped from coming in. The lesson is that the inevitable will happen and the best any leader can do is manage the consequences.

That lesson applies directly to the Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong. We know the latest variants are extremely contagious and cannot be stopped from spreading in the community. We also know they are much less virulent, and vaccines provide a very high level of protection.

Given the devastating consequences of our Covid-19 policies on the economy, we urgently need a change of mindset to save our city and economy.

Every week, more international businesses trim back their Hong Kong operations or relocate. Every week, more long-standing Hong Kong residents, both local and expatriate, sadly pack up and leave.

Plenty of support for Mike in the comments. We don’t hold our breath for these logical changes. Our government was pusillanimous well before Beijing put its foot down (June 2020) and now our government, when told by Beijing to kowtow, simply asks “how low must my head go, dear leader?”

My own comment at the site:

Peter F.

Well said, Mike! Though — wishful thinking… — I’d like the relaxation even quicker.
MASKS: Has anyone noticed this? HK full indoor/outdoor mask mandate was implemented 
19 January. The peak of infections (world highest!) was 3 March, over six weeks (44 days) later! 
Given Covid incubation period is 3-7 days, that doesn't make sense. Unless … ? Unless … could it be? Unless masks don't really do much.
Fact is: Masks both (1) *work* and (2) *don't* work. They (1) work when tested in the laboratory. They (2) don't work -- or at least not so well - in real life. There are plenty of data to show this, eg. State by state comparisons and county by county comparisons of those with and without mask mandates. [in US] LINK