Tuesday 2 August 2022

Hong Kong Sevens in a bubble

I’ve often been to the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. A great event, time to catch up with mates for a bit of a binge. Cause Covid it’s been postponed five times. Now proposed to go ahead in November but in a “closed loop” like the Beijing Winter Games. Ain’t gonna work. At least, it will be a pale imitation. More like HK government is in a Bubble, believing it’ll work. They don’t seem to realise that people are not going to come even if quarantine is down to 3+4 or 4+2 or even 0+7 (hotel + home) or whatever.  Only zero quarantine — like the whole rest of the world — and eating + drinking like it used to be, will draw foreigners. It was always the foreign contingents that made it a great event.
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West D.
until there is zero quarantine for inbound travellers there will be no "normal life"

David K.
You cannot signal 'openness to the world' without opening up. Half measures like 4+3, 3+4 etc will not work when most overseas attendees to the Sevens only come to HK for a week at most. The return of the tournament is a positive for sport in HK but let's not kid ourselves that it's not going to be a very different event this time with the vast majority of attendees being HK based and the 'fun police' out in full force fining people for mask violations..........