Monday, 22 August 2022

“Sports Illustrated model, influencers on being plus-size in fashion – the world is less fat-phobic now (thanks, Lizzo) but there is still far to go”

There are two Jordan Underwood's. The one on the left is pushing
the "body-positive" line in Sports Illustrated. The one on the right, is not.
The difference: Purple Jordan eats a lot; Bikini Jordan doesn’t.
The article about “plus-sized models in Sports Illustrated carried in today’s South China Morning Post, is insane.
Harming the health of us all because of the delicate sensitivities of the few. Or the not-so-few, if we consider the epidemic of fat in the west.
As a child of the sixties, I'm invited to look at photos of the crowds at Woodstock. They're all thin! That was me then too. Skinny lad. Now I’m a bona fide Person of Girth, or, per Jordan, I’m “plus-sized". So I know the struggle of staying healthy weight. But I don't kid myself that it's healthy. 
That's what's happening in the article. We're being asked to accept the delusion that "fat is fine". Oops, did I say "fat"? I mean "plus sized”; it’s fine, it’s healthy, it's diverse! So says Lizzo. So says Jordan, the purple one.
She's wrong. As is Lizzie. As is Giancarlo Russo, three of them hyped in the article.
Headline above: "There is still far to go". Actually, only if we turn around. Because we’ve already gone far enough down this road: of denying that being fat is bad for you. Going on about "plus-size" and making it glamorous is just part of our ongoing slow slide down population-level suicide. We've already gone too far. 
The reason the purple Jordan Underwood is obese, the reason Lizzo is obese, is simple: they began eating too much, and when they put on weight they kept going. It’s no mystery. And it doesn’t take you by surprise, like being hit upside with a block of wood. No, it’s clear: eat more than you need and you put on weight. Keep doing that and you get obese. That’s it. Why should we feel sorry for them. Worse, why should we *celebrate* it?? Via some kind of “body positive” movement?
We must not let these lunatics win the battle of the Bulge. It wasn't good for Hitler and it's not good for us.
My comment at the site:

Peter F.
Being overweight or obese is bad for health. Bad for bones, bad for heart, bad for circulation. It's an enabler of diseases like diabetes, strokes and Covid.There is no secret why one becomes obese: it's eating too much for too long. Why encourage that?? We can be polite to overweight people, certainly. But we should not "celebrate". That's crazy and bad for society. Bad for our health system too. It's statistical fact that the obese died at greater rate than those of normal size.  
Yet woke nonsense like that of Gianluca Russo stopped that healthy message getting out.