Sunday, 14 August 2022

Covering for Islam

In Iran I was told if I criticize Islam I get killed, jailed, lashes, kicked out from Iran. In the West I’m told, sharing my story will cause Islamophobia & I get assassinated. Phobia is an irrational fear but my fear of Islamists is rational. #LetUsTalk 

Says: The brave, the honest, the stunning, Masih Alinejad. Though women in the west don’t give two hoots about the battles of Masih and her sisters. They only care about promoting extreme Trans ideology, that “Trans women are women”. Shame on them. 

Islam is back in the news after the horrid attack on Salman Rushdie in New York. Knifed by an Islamist, a Shia fanatic, who believes, as does Islam, that no criticism of “the prophet” is allowed. Not that in “The Satanic Verses” Muhammad was specifically criticised. He wasn’t. The “satanic verses” refers to some verses the Koran where Mohammad admits to the possibility that there may be multiple gods. And in Rushdie’s book that’s told by the angel Gabriel, originally a Christian angel. But that’s now interpreted in Islam as blasphemous, for there’s only one god. 

How Muhammad got out of this, in the Koran, is to say that he was fooled by “the Devil” into saying there were multiple gods. Hence those verses are “satanic”. Which, of course, leads one (though NOT a Muslim) to wonder: how is it that Muhammad was the “perfect man”, yet he was fooled by “the devil”? Huh? 

Islam really is a horrid religion much more so than any other of the major religions still extant today. Judaism and Christianity used to be just as barbaric as Islam. But no more. Islam stands unique in its barbarism, its intolerance, its murderous certainty. In its Blind Faith.

If we had a religion today that believed in the sacrifice of children, to propitiate a wayward god, to bring rains and stop a drought, we would consider that religion to be horrid. But to say that Islam -- with all its sectarianism, homophobia, misogyny -- is inferior to other religions and indeed to atheism, is not the done thing. You’re not allowed to say that. Well, we ought. And Rushdie’s latest indignity must make us do so. Rushdie doesn’t himself hold Islam to account. He’s more patient than I. But he does say that we must hold to account the extremists in Islam. Which are too many. And have just intruded themselves back into or consciousness by the attack on a novelist. A free thinker.