Thursday 4 August 2022

Pelosi in Taiwan | PLA live-fire drills

At least it’s a fake war, not a real war. Troubling here in Hong Kong: our new chief executive John Lee pledges to Beijing to “take any steps necessary” waiting to be told how low to kowtow. When China slapped bans in wine and lobsters from Oz, we did not follow suit. We maintained our “free port”. But now are we going to follow along? Do damage our Free Port status? Was Lee told he had to? Or is this unilateral kowtowing by Lee? I suspect the latter, showing his good “patriotic” credentials. But I don’t know for sure. 

The Taiwanese say they are prepared for what Beijing’s up to. 

I’m not sure there’s a consensus on the outcome of a visit that did appear completely unnecessary. At least that it didn’t achieve much, if anything. Many feared war. I didn’t, given Beijing has too much to loose. And they’re not quite ready. A live fire war games scenario seems a clever response.