Thursday 19 September 2019

Economic damage of the demos

Today’s front page 
The latest is cancellation of the horse racing at Happy Valley. The HK Jockey Club is Hong Kong’s largest charity provider — all its surplus goes to various charities in HK — so that’s a big hit.
Elsewhere: tourist arrivals are down by over a million a month, reducing our income by at least $US 1 Billion a month.
Shops are closing and small businesses going bankrupt daily. Closure in Causeway Bay are at 30% and that can only increase as long as the protesters keep customers away.
Central is eerily quiet. Now is the time to go to Disneyland. There’s no-one there.
And yet, and yet, the world celebrates these “freedom activists”. New York Times for example.

Hong Kong already has:

Freedom of the press / media
Freedom of speech
Freedom of conscience
Freedom of religion
Freedom to vote for local politicians
Freedom of trade (Free port)
Freedom of movement (when the protesters allow)

What we don’t have is the freedom to choose the Chief Executive.  In 2015 the Democratic Party rebuffed steps that would have been a move towards universal suffrage (普选).
“Perfection the enemy of the good”.
Demonstrations are doing nothing to promote this aim. It has to go to LegCo per the Basic Law, the constitution of Hong Kong.
What we’re getting from parents of some of the protesters is that they’re going out and joining their mates because it’s all “a bit of a laugh”.  Most haven’t even visited China let alone elsewhere. They’re coddled…