Friday 13 September 2019

“Trump is a complete dickhead. Discuss”

 I’m watching now. The ABC panel is not at all biased. Not at all. 
The tenor of the questions:

  • “Trump is a horrid, vicious racist. How would you do better?”
  • “Trump is a cruel monster who has imprisoned immigrant children in cages. What would you to to improve things at the border?”
  • “Trump has criminally ignored climate change, an existential threat to the whole of mankind. We’re doomed. You’ve got 30 seconds. Go!”
Imagined candidate thoghts:
Kamala “I think of my niece... oh... and I was Attorney General, so I know stuff”. 
Liz: “I have a plan!”
Joe: “um, where are we?”
Andrew Yang: “$1,000 per month to everyone!” 
Spartacus Booker: “Newark is the best, man!”
Castro: “can I speak some more Spanish now?” 
Beto: “oh dude, where’s my skateboard? Oh and racism. Bad.”
Bernie: “I want my pudding”

And all of them together: “we’re going to cancel student debt, and medical debt and credit card debt and climate debt and, and....ALL debt”. 
A debt cancellation party.
The CNN panel afterwards thought it was all rather good.  Great ideas, great policies, clearly elucidated and robustly debated.
To me it was softballs, bromide and boilerplate.  I wasn’t impressed... until CNN told me I should be.