Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Social media and the demos

Revolutions don’t alway succeed...  See: “Arab Spring"

The protesters here in Hong Kong are communicating and getting their news almost exclusively from social media: mainly LIHKG, Messenger and WeChat. 

Wael Ghonin above helped spark the "Arab Spring” on social media in Egypt.  

He now regrets it.  Another case of good intentions -- the revolution --  gone awry.  The road to hell...

He’s got four points at the end:
1.  Rumours abound on SM
2.  They are echo-chambers
3.  They create angry mobs
4.  They encourage *broadcasting* over engaging in conversation.

On the rumour bit: there was one the other day in Hong Kong I think still making the rounds: that the police killed three protesters at an MTR station and then got rid of the bodies.  Now just consider this: not a single person has come forward to say they’re missing their son or daughter, or friend or brother or sister. Doesn’t that tell you that it’s nonsense?  And these are the folks we should be listening to...