Friday, 13 September 2019

“Gloves come off in third democratic debate”. Houston, Texas

Amy, Cory, Pete, Bernie, Joe, Liz, Kamala, Andy, Beto, Julian
Panel: David Chalian,  Nia-Malika Henderson, David Axelrod, xx,
Anderson Cooper, Mitch Landrieu, Jennifer Granholm, Van Jones, Jess McIntosh.
So says the CNN panel, nine Democrats. The diversity in this panel was from the Left to the further Left.
The "gloves came off",  they say,  because Julian Castro was horrid to Joe Biden: "have you forgotten what you said just a few minutes ago, Joe?"  
That aside, they're agreed:  it was a great debate, full of substance, full of ideas and full of plans, well articulated and robustly debated. Especially on guns and health care and… well I've forgotten the third thing they thought was so good. 
Gotta say it's puzzling why some sort of Second Amendment-compliant gun control can't be done, by either party. Andrew McCabe made a couple of practical suggestions a few days ago on  He ought to know as the ex FBI guy in charge of gun background checks. (Fired for lying, by the way). 
Not a single mention of Andrew Yang. He didn't do especially brilliantly, but as competent and engaging. and ought to have been covered as the only one with new ideas.its truly puzzling. A whole hour after the debate and not a single mention of Yang. The Yang Gang will be livid. (At the end: Yang mentioned in passing by Van Jones). Later: Yang interviewed by ABC, but I didn’t see it.  And interviewed by Cuomo on CNN, and came across as personable, nothing we didn’t know.
The CNN panel is 100% CNN or Dem Party operatives. If they want to win the White House they really need to have someone from the GOP on these sort of Panels. They shouldn't keep on with purely masturbatory meanderings. 
The big winner, according to the panel was Barack Obama. 
All up the debate struck me as boilerplate. I wasn't impressed. Until I was told by CNN that I should be.…

In The Spin Room:

Amy Klobuchar just spoke and did well, esp on Guns and Health. She's pretty much the only centrist among the candidates. Not even Joe, who is supposed to be the adult in the room is a operate now. His health care and debt relief measures would have been "radical" just a few years ago. And one of his answers on reparations, was simply a ragged dog's breakfast. 
Spartacus, Mr Potato head, just graced the Spin Room. I've forgotten what he said. 
Now it's The Bern's turn. He's talking about health care, what else. And again, it beggars belief that the United States can't get something done. Here in Hong Kong we have a mixed system, free if you want it, or you can pay for more private coverage. It works a treat. Just copy this. 
I had seven stents put around my heart last year, here in Hong Kong. It cost a fair bit. But I've been told by American friends the same procedure would be at least twice as much in the US. As Bernie says, why is America the only developed country in the world without universal health care and where costs are twice the world average. 
Mayor Pete in Spin Room assuring us he did a great job of getting his ideas across and differentiating himself. The differentiation is that he wants to spend more trillions on health care than the trillions The Bern wants to spend. The Panel loves him. He's gay. He's a vet. He's a mayor. Yay. 

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