Tuesday 24 September 2019

U.K. Supreme Court finds prorogation unlawful and void

And outside Parliament remainers are cock a hoop and saying "this is a victory for democracy".
Which is to say that it is a victory against the democratic will of the people which they had all committed to uphold.
Off to watch the Rugby. A tough game but honest...
LATER: anti Boris-Brexit types are saying that Boris lied to the Queen and so should resign. Same time they’re all saying “no one expected this outcome from the Supreme Court”.  So also Boris did not expect it. Indeed until yesterday the common wisdom was that the Court would be split. That is, the highest Court in the land would be split. When it found against Boris in a unanimous decision all of a sudden Boris is supposed to have known what he was doing was illegal and therefore he lied to the Queen. I hope the illogic of this is obvious. How on earth could Boris have known it was illegal when all the smart money didn’t know. Until the SC decision. And all of a sudden Boris should have known and is guilty.  Nonsense, and he should not resign.
Fascinating, in a grim way, to watch spin, delusion ams self delusion.
ADDED: Mahyar Tousi on YouTube  
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