Friday 27 September 2019

Hong Kong is not China … and the road to hell…

Photo above from report here
Hong Kong is a free port with free trade and no customs or capital controls.
The US Congress is now considering a bill that would change that and lump Hong Kong in with the mainland. That is if the US decides to punish China they’ll do so by punishing Hong Kong.
Way to go, Congress…
The bill is called the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Fine sounding motherhood stuff.
But it would be a wicked blow for Hong Kong.
Businesses here are saying it will drive companies out of Hong Kong.
Way to go Nancy…
The road to hell… again…
Yesterday the Post quotes a congressional staff member saying about the Bill, “the narrative is of freedom loving people in Hong Kong versus a totalitarian China. Whether that is the correct narrative, that seems to be the common view”.
Added: Snip from the article:
To many, the contest between Hong Kong protesters and Beijing has the air of a David-and-Goliath clash to it.
“Congress tends to favour David,” said Richard Bush, who was a congressional staff member during passage of the 1992 policy act. “The narrative is of freedom-loving people in Hong Kong versus a totalitarian China. Whether that is the correct narrative, that seems to be the common view.”
Well, it’s not the correct narrative. As last night Town hall with reps of the ordinary folks of HK, and Carrie Lam showed, the main concern is with the police. They want an independent inquiry into actions of the police while Lam is sticking with the inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. I would have thought she doesn’t need to stick so hard on that. It’s her ego stopping her from a concession.
Meantime Beijing is staying out of it. It is hands off. So it makes no sense to say it’s “versus totalitarian China”. Of course the government of China is totalitarian. But it’s not in evidence here in Hong Kong and the demos have devolved into random vandalism and violent clashes with the police, which, from all we can see, are just doing their job. Sure there police reactions that are too tough. But it’s not systemic.
And the majority of the people, from our reading of sentiment, have had enough of the constant demos. We were in the town last night. Very quiet and the people we spoke to were worried about their business and their jobs.
The US Act: the road to hell…