Monday 30 September 2019

Taxi terrorism

Save Hong Kong — Trash a cab
“8964” sprayed in the hood is reference to June 4, 1989. Tian’anmen
Last night in Wanchai we saw with our own eyes this taxi get trashed by the mob, while police were nowhere in sight. 
Why? Because the taxi driver had tried to get through the crowds. That’s all. He was stopped and chased from his cab. He’s an old man. We saw him a while later, shirtless, scared, being comforted by some bystanders. Terrorised out of his taxi. And his taxi trashed. This is a Hong Kong working man. Working working. A whole month of graft gets him maybe $HK15,000, or barely $US2,000 and he needs every cent for his family. And these “brave freedom fighters” have trashed his only source of living.
I gotta say I find it revolting, disgusting, despicable. Senseless. And for this the US House is egging on the “Freedom Fighters”, with its ill-thought out Democracy Act. Way to go, Nance...
At the Town Hall the other night, Carrie Lam moved on each of the remaining Four Demands, but she was rebuffed. Not good enough. So what hope for moving forward?
The battles last night were in Hennessy Road, Wanchai.
20 years ago to the day we were putting the final touches in our first WSI centre at 330 Hennessy Road. Which we grew to seven centres, 12,000 students, 300 staff, an Award winning business that we sold in 2007. We were thinking about it last night. We know its numbers well. We would not have survived if we’d had three months of the demonstrations going on now. And the same goes for all the businesses along the road. As Jing says, if people think that these fire-bombed plastic-trashed streets are going to help things, there’s no hope for us.
And some shops and people are being specifically targeted. Doxxed. [MORE to come]
Starbucks owners criticised the violence. Gets trashed.
Graffiti says “don’t buy” and boycott”. (It’s NOT anti US)

Maxim and its owners also doxxed
The protesters have also been doxxing people that don’t agree with them, or even voice doubts about their destruction of our city.  I say, shame on them.... Doxxing is really sleazy and comes from the likes of Antifa in the US.  Look at them here and here.