Wednesday 18 September 2019

The Goalkeepers: tracking the world’s progress

Just one of the great graphics in the report
Bill and Melinda Gates and their Foundation are doing such wonderful work around the world.

This is their latest report on how the world is doing in reaching the United Nations’ millennium goals for 2030. Though there’s work to do (there alway is...), what jumps out is the huge progress that’s been made in the entire world in recent decades. Things are really a lot better than the view that “it’s all going to hell in a hand basket”, that we’re inclined to think if we just look at the news...  For a summary of just how, have a look at the sections at the end of the report.

This report is made for online viewing on a desktop.  It’s terrific: striking, clear, on point.  Just what you’d expect from the Gates’.

On yer Mel, On yer Bill!

LATER: I’ve been watching Netflix’s “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates”. It’s done with Gates’ cooperation but is not hagiography. (Though Variety thinks it is).  I’m enjoying it. A criticism: I would really have liked more in what it was they were coding, he and Paul Allen, in the early days. I’d have liked a bit of detail in the MS-DOS software they did for IBM and made them rich. I remember MS-DOS! Groundbreaking then, but how far we’ve come.
Maybe more of Bill describing what it’s like to code (I always wondered). Anyway, still a good show, three parts.