Thursday 5 September 2019

Kill Bill

Today’s front page 

If only Carrie Lam had done this two months ago…

Yesterday she announced four “actions”:

1. Formally withdraw the extradition bill (yay)
2. Fully support the work of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (is this really an “action”?)
3. Start dialogue with people (an “action”? Meh…)
4. Review society’s deep-seated problems and find solutions (hmm…)

At the very least it’s a bit of positive news after three gloomy violence-tinged months. The stock market rose
LATER: sure enough there were demos last night with protesters saying it’s “too little, too late”.
Matthew Cheung, Carrie Lam, Lau Kong-hwa 

LATERER (11:20HKT). Carrie Lam is giving an unscheduled presser to add some meat to the four actions. She appears calmer than recent days. I’m wondering if this is her choice, not Beijing’s. Beijing had opposed giving any concessions. And she’s pretty much unsackable given that Beijing would not accept her resignation.

To her right is Matthew Cheung, Chief Sec (2iC). I met him 2003 when he was Education Secretary. We had a serious issue and he was reasonable. To her left Lau Kong-hwa, Home Secretary.

(I’m understanding more of Carrie’s Cantonese. She switches fluently between English, Mandarin and Cantonese).